SDF and clan elders intervene to settle a dispute in the eastern countryside of Raqqa

The Syrian Democratic Forces, along with the sheikhs and dignitaries of the Raqqa clans, contributed to settling a dispute that took place following a bloody quarrel that had occurred between members of the “Al-Khabur” family, “Al-Bakhry” family, and “Al-Bush” members of the “Al-Bureij” clan, in the village of “Al-Jadeedat”, east of The city of Raqqa, which claimed the lives of seven people on both sides, including a woman and two children, and burned some houses.

To inject blood and calm souls; The Military Public Relations Office in Raqqa and the forces of the Raqqa Military Council took the initiative to intervene, as the forces deployed in the village of “Jdeidet Khabur” to maintain security and safety and prevent bloodshed, and they are still deployed to repel the strife.

In turn, the sheikhs and dignitaries of the city of Raqqa went to the village to solve the problem, especially with the attempts of sedition ignited by some parties with the aim of dividing society and fueling disputes among its people.

The Relations Office works through the conciliation committees to finally resolve the dispute and address its causes.

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