Health provides Hajin Hospital in Deir Ezzor with modern medical equipment

Today, Monday, the Health Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration of Deir Ezzor provided Hajin Hospital with medical equipment, the first of its kind.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Salem (the joint head of the Health Committee in the Democratic Civil Administration of Deir Ezzor) explained that due to the urgent need for these medical devices and to reduce the high costs incurred by the people and the trouble they suffer from traveling to hospitals outside Deir Ezzor; The Health Committee has attracted the urinary lithotripsy device, the digestive endoscopy device, the arc imaging device, the simple radiography device,

Intensive care room amenities.

The aforementioned devices entered service in the presence of the joint presidencies of the Deir Ezzor Civil Council and the Eastern Province, and the medical staff of Hajin Hospital.

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