Holding a series of meetings for media professionals in North and East Syria.. the most prominent outcomes of the meeting of the Media Department in the Autonomous Administration

The Media Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria held a regular meeting today, Monday, in the presence of the joint presidency of the Information Department and heads of media offices in the Autonomous and Civil Administrations of North and East Syria.

The meeting began with reading the reports of the work of the media offices in the autonomous and civil administrations, and the difficulties and problems facing their work were discussed.

The meeting ended with a set of outputs, namely: holding a series of periodic meetings with journalists and media professionals working in northern and eastern Syria in the presence of media offices in the autonomous and civil administrations, discussing the reality of media and media professionals in the Civil Administration of Raqqa, opening more media courses to develop the capabilities of workers in media offices Autonomous and civil administrations..

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